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IIC Management Website

A Development project for IIC to resolve the ID issues, automated email system, membership proof, and security check-in and out. In addition to this, it will provide a certificate issued by the admin users, which will be a proof of Internship Certificate for MAR Points. Working Layout: Firstly, we will concentrate on the users’ hierarchy … Continued


The sign companion: a real-time speech-to-signed language conversion system designed for converting speech into signed language in real time. The system also provides the implementation of a website or Android application. For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, a speech-to-signed language conversion technology encourages inclusion, accessibility, and successful communication. Bridging the communication gap … Continued

Air Quality Regulator

The air in sucked into the air chamber where the gas sensors detect the parameters of the atmospheric air. The parameters are displayed on the Blynk-IOT app with the help of the data streams. The air is then filtered and then again, an MQ135 sensor measures its quality. The air is then sucked out of … Continued

Smart Mirror

A smart mirror is a mirror with integrated technology such as a screen, and internet connectivity. The screen can display a variety of information, such as the time, news, weather, and upcoming holidays. With the ability to connect to the internet, the mirror can also display information from other sources, like social media updates or … Continued

Hybrid Modular Tree for Green Energy Generation

The presented structure is a low-cost hybrid modular tree that can be used for generating electrical energy. The presented tree can be fitted to the rooftop of any skyscraper and countryside locations pertained by nominal wind speed and solar irradiation. Initially, it has the capacity to generate 25 W DC and it can be further … Continued

Remote Controlled Wheel Shoe

The aged and also the people who are diagnosed by arthritis and knee pain, who have problems walking long distances often feel the need for advanced equipment that can solve this problem. Our group thus came up with a plan which can possibly solve the issues. We decided to come up with the design of … Continued


Prosthetic arm is a device designed to replace a missing upper limb of the body or to make the limb of the body work better. Brain signals and muscle movements will directly steer the arm. This arm is partially mind controlled as it also depends on the muscle cell’s impulse. This prosthetic arm can replicate … Continued

Aerial Forest Ranger

A new drone technology has been developed to aid in conservation efforts and forest fire detection. The drone is equipped with cameras and sensors that can capture live video feeds of animals and detect forest fire signs such as smoke and high temperatures.  In case of a fire, the drone can quickly locate the source … Continued

Machine Overheat Detector with Alert

This proposed system is used to detect temperature of devices that are overheated. This project is very beneficial, especially in places like factories or industries consisting of big machines where it is very necessary to take some action in case the machine is overheated. The system uses a digital temperature sensor in order to detect … Continued

Electric Bike

Although some early versions used nickel-metal hydride batteries, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries now power the majority of electric bikes.

Electric Cycle

E-bikes are categorized based on the amount of power that its electric motor is capable of producing and the control system, or when and how the motor’s power is applied. Rechargeable batteries, electric motors, and some kinds of control are all included in e-bikes. There are several types of battery systems in use, including sealed … Continued


If the chain is opened, you will get a vibration in your phone along with a notification. Chain when opened are separated, we will use this separation of the chain to understand if the bag is closed or open. A circuit is created so as, when the bag is closed the circuit is complete, and … Continued


This is a smart fire extinguisher which can be triggered automatically from any location using the help of internet. Preventing the spread of fire. 


This automated IOT-based smart mask can sanitize our hands and belongings whenever we hold it within 20 cm in front of that mask with the help of an ultrasonic sensor. Its buzzer also creates a ring whenever there are persons or objects within 3ft to ensure that everyone should maintain a safe distance from each … Continued


 It is a type of articulated 6 axis robots and the most common for industrial manufacturing. They provide the flexibility, strength, and reach needed to complete most applications. Six-axis robots can move in the x, y, and z planes. In addition, they can perform roll, pitch, and yaw movements. This makes the movements of these … Continued


A Trojan horse is any malware that misleads users of its true intent. The trojan developed by me consists of a PowerShell payload, which on execution on the victim system, triggers a reverse shell back to the attacker system’s IP address, giving the attacker full access to the victim system. Trojans are a common form … Continued


For example, the url is something like this:  https://facebook.com/l.php?u=https://example.com/  When one tries to visit the link, a redirection notice is issued by the browser which is notifying the user about the redirection. The redirection notice looks something like this. For example, the url is something like this:  https://facebook.com/l.php?u=https://example.com/  When one tries to visit the link, … Continued


This project is in the first phase of a humanoid robot. It is an AI-based interactive robot that has the feature of locomotion and greeting people with user detection. Here, embedded systems and computer vision with machine learning are utilized. The robot has been segmented into three parts- locomotion, recognition, and interaction. Firstly, in locomotion … Continued


This device/model thus created is a significant development over the conventional means of controlling tremors and identifying the stage of the tremor according to the patient’s nervous system. The primary purpose of this band is to stabilize the handshaking and detect the stage of the tremor using a machine learning algorithm.   


Project Description: The basic objective of our project is to determine the distance position and angle of the obstacle set at some distance from the sensor. Ultrasonic sensor sends the ultrasonic wave in various directions by rotating with help of servo motors. This wave goes in air and gets reflected back after striking some object. … Continued

News and Achievements

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IEM has signed a MOU with India Internet Foundation
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Annual Prize-Giving Ceremony
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Press Releases

Press Release regarding 1st and 3rd rank of IEM-UEM in West Bengal Private Engineering College Rankings by Times of India

Press Release in Ananda Bazaar Patrika regarding the very First Indian app by the students for the students

Enginious under the banner of IEI-IEM Electrical & Mechanical students’ chapter has been published in IEI newsletter

Press Release in t2 regarding IEM PET SOCIETY


BBA 2nd Ranking of IEM BBA in West Bengal


BBA 2nd Ranking of IEM BBA in East and Central Region


BBA College of Eminence 7th Ranking of IEM BBA in India


Top private B School among Kolkata & East Zone

IEM group again bagged the top position in the best private B Schools in Kolkata and also ranked 5th among East Zone ranked by OUTLOOK.

Outlook, 2024

IEM ranked 32 across India as Top Private B School

Outlook, 2024

IEM ranked 14 as Best Private University – constituent College across India.

Outlook, 2024

Champion East

– NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) E-Week, 2011-2016

Rated Silver A+++ Business School

– “Just Careers” Magazine, 2011

3rd amongst all Government & Private Colleges in West Bengal

– The Telegraph, 2009