Human Resource Development Centre


I am happy to launch the first issue of the HRDC magazine of IEM as a special report. This issue covers the events conducted and attended by faculty members from IEM during January and February 2018. We have shared the various faculty recruitment drives at different reputed institutions of West Bengal. It will serve as a tool to keep everyone updated about activities of IEM.

Dr. Mohuya Chakraborty


This magazine is an endeavor of the HRDC at IEM, which aims to bring together all trainings, faculty recruitments and other activities of various departments of IEM under one umbrella. It is a window that highlights recent developments related to human resource happening in our organization.

Dr. Satyajit Chakrabarti


A Creative and Competent Human Resource Base


To develop institutional synergies for an integrated Human Resource Development Strategy


HRDC has been vested with the responsibility to look after and promote the development of the faculty members of the Institute of Engineering & Management (IEM). The aim of the HRDC is to equip the individuals, belonging to different fields of work, with necessary skills to meet the ever mounting challenges and inculcate in them the pride of belonging to the particular profession to which they belong. The prime objective of the HRDC is to cater to the needs of the teachers/ principals, research scholars, non-academic staff and to enhance their knowledge/skills through systematic course work and methodologies and orientation programmes.


The specific objectives of HRDC are:

  • To conduct faculty and staff recruitment.
  • To conduct orientation programmes and entry formalities for newly recruited faculty and staff members.
  • To focus on different modes of approach in order to meet the challenges of life in order to become not merely a trained professional but also a better citizen.
  • To organize advanced level capacity enhancement and continuous knowledge up-gradation faculty and staff training programs for teachers/staff working in different capacities and roles in different departments of the organization.
  • To conduct programs to build research, teaching and administration competence for holistic development of individuals.
  • To conduct exit formalities for outgoing faculty members.


The HRDC of IEM will cater to the needs of Faculty Members, Non-Teaching Staffs and Research Scholar according to the demand of environment and participants from time to time. To commensurate with it, the HRDC shall aim to organize various activities including orientation programmes, refresher courses, interdisciplinary courses, short term programmes, certificate courses in various disciplines/streams, training programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences in a regular mode.

Accordingly, various activities/courses of longer and shorter duration will be organized by HRDC of IEM. The courses with longer as well as shorter duration will be organized throughout the year preferably. The courses organized by HRDC of IEM will use variety of pedagogical tools including Case Studies, Role Plays, Business Games, Lectures, Demonstration, Field Visits, Practical training in laboratories, etc.

Sl. No. Name Designation Department Email ID Mobile Number
1 Prof. (Dr.) Mohuya Chakraborty Head (IT, HRDC) [email protected] / [email protected] 9874628587 / 7044567467
2 Dr. Lopa Mandal Member IT [email protected] 9830262439
3 Ms. Srijita Chakraborty Member ECE [email protected] 9474599270
4 Ms. Srijita Basu Member CSE [email protected] 8013811384
5 Mr. Ankit Ray Ghatak Member EE [email protected] 9903564714
6 Mr. Joydip Ray Member ME [email protected] 7980382872
7 Ms. Pooja Joshi Member EEE [email protected] 8959022303
8 Dr. Swati Mukherjee Member MBA / PGDM [email protected] 9433225002
9 Mr. Rupam Bhattacharya Member BCA  [email protected] 9433063275
10 Ms. Samapika Dasbiswas Member Basic Science & Humanities [email protected] 9674336593
11 Dr. Rabin Mazumder Member BBA [email protected] 9830450083
12 Mr. Animesh Kairi Member Secretary IT [email protected] 9883248036
13 Ms. Kajari Sur Editor IT [email protected] 8017206434
14 Ms. Dhriti Barua Editor IT [email protected] 8013643737