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ISHRAE IEM STUDENT CHAPTER in association with Voltas Ltd. organised two Technical Lectures on 23rd April, 2018

ISHRAE IEM STUDENT CHAPTER in association with Voltas Ltd. organised two Technical Lectures on 23rd April, 2018  which witnessed a good number of participation of students.
“Technical Session 1” was conducted by Mr. Sujoy Dutt from Voltas Ltd. who is a CWC member & membership chair of ISHRAE Kolkata. The session covered basics of “Psychrometry”.
“Technical Session 2” was conducted by Mr. Uttam Bag from Voltas Ltd. The session was based on “Heat Load Calculation”, also covering one of the case studies of the same. The session was an interesting & interactive one.
Our own pass out students Mr. Arko majumdar helped us to execute the event as ISHRAE Kolkata student commitee members.

eHacon 2018

Department of Information Technology, Institute of Engineering and Management in association with IEEE Communication Society(ComSoc), IEEE Computational Intelligence Society(CIS) along with Computer Society of India(CSI) is proud to present the inaugural edition of eHacon, sponsored by Springer, ACM, Indian School of Ethical Hacking(ISOEH), HDFC Bank and State Bank of India.
eHacon 2018 is an international conference to be conducted for the very first time in our college aiming to present an open platform where people will be able to discuss the implications of new technologies for a digitally secured society. It is a balanced mix of a conference consisting of technical paper presentations, live demonstrations, workshops and a coding competition of hacking.
Following events will mark the timeline of eHacon:
• Decipher, an online coding competition where participants will be given a picture containing an embedded cipher, without the key. The task will be to decode the cipher from the given image and then correctly decrypt it for an amount of 50000 INR. This event is to be held on 31st March and 1st April, 2018. The registration is free of cost and coders from all over the globe are invited to be a part of it.
Registration Link: *http://www.eHacon.org/cc*
*eHacon 2018 will be hosting a workshop on ethical hacking and it will be conducted by the Indian School of Ethical Hacking [ISOEH] and Hackcieux. Registrations for the workshop is open for all. The workshop shall address various issues enlisted in the Cyber-Security domain. It will teach the attendees about the various must-have skills in the world where cyber threats are increasing by the day.*
* The workshop will comprise of subjects such as:
1. IP Hiding, Scanning.
2. Malware threats.
3. Metasploit, steganography.
4. Dos attack, brute force attack.
5. Hacking web servers, android machines, websites and WiFi.
6. Software cracking.
7. Email spoofing.
8. AV ByPassing.
*It also includes a live hacking demonstration by Ithorizon.
This is a 2-day workshop and will be held on the day of conference.The ones who are interested have to register their seats by paying a sum of 2000 INR (lunch is included) and will be provided with certificates from ISOEH.*
1.For students of Institute of Engineering and Management, Salt Lake, the registration & mode of payment is offline and this will be done by Prof. Avijit Bose.
2. For all other students the registration and mode of payment is online. Link is given below-
Registration Link: *http://www.ehacon.org/workshops.html*
• The conference will house paper presentations and discussions among authors and researchers which will be published under Springer, Germany. Speakers from various countries will be attending the conference, and papers that have been submitted on subjects relating to computation, communication, network security, computer hardware and similar subjects will be presented and discussed in the conference.
For queries and more information regarding the events, visit our website: *http://www.ehacon.org/*
Contact Us:
Prof. Avijit Bose(Dept of Information Technology)-
+91 98366 14740
Prof. Tapan Kumar Hazra (Dept. of Information Technology) – 9830362799
Prof. Arup Kumar Chattopadhyay (Dept. of Information Technology) – 9339770502
Suruchi Gagan – 8420137845
Tania Bera – 8334822832
Ayush Daruka – 9874324139
Vivek Agarwal – 7742068361
Sweta Malhotra – 9430263740
Shekhar Sonthalia – 8013953851

Workshop on Automotive Engineering

The Motorsports Club (SAE Collegiate Club) of Jadavpur University and Team KART of IIT Kharagpur jointly organised the WORKSHOP ON AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING on the 23rd of March, 2018.

A group of SAE IEM Collegiate Club Member attended the same.

The topics discussed included —
Design of chasis, Types of chasis, Design of suspension, Types of suspension, Steering system, Toe angle, Caster angle, Camber angle, Braking system, Vehicle aerodynamics,
Electrical system, Engine and Types of engine used,
Actual p-v curve, Solidworks Introduction (Part Design and Assembly Mating)
Main Speaker was Mr. Prashant Tharani, Touring Racer
Volkswagen Polo Champion.

IEM eHaCON 2018

IEM eHaCON invites all the researchers and hackers around the world to participate in this two-day series of informative workshops, invited talks, paper presentations and hacking coding competition on 6th & 7th April 2018 at Institute of Engineering & Management (IEM).
For more details please visit https://www.ehacon.org/