Why Take A Career In Computer Engineering?

A Computer Engineer is someone who is responsible for the designing and management of computer hardware systems. They are also adept at developing new programs. If you are looking to pursue your career as a computer engineer, then here are some details that you should know about this field:

Who are Computer Engineers?

Computer Engineers usually work with a team comprising various tech professionals such as software developers. To further study in this field you must be good in science and mathematics. Getting certifications in programming languages, hardware or software can boost your resume.

Quick History of Computer Engineers?

Computer engineering was initially a specialization of electrical engineering and later branched out to become an individual skill. With time, the field of computer engineering expanded and added several theories and fundamentals from computer science. In 1971, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, became the first educational institute to offer an accredited computer engineering program.

Career Paths for Computer Engineers

Computer engineering is the core of all forms of technology which allows the computer engineers to explore an array of specializations. However, they may have to pursue additional education to be able to apply for specialized jobs. Some career options include:

  • Network Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Computer and Information System Managers
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists

What is the Job of a Computer Engineer?

Computer Engineers design and test hardware like routers, motherboards, circuits, and similar types of other equipment. They deal with the physical components of a computer and often work with software developers to ensure the smooth functioning of any updates. They are also involved in research and technology or new and innovative products and solutions like advanced networking hardware or modern processors. Computer engineers will often be involved in manufacturing the products they design.

Key Soft Skills that Employers Look for in Computer Engineers

Key Hard Skills that Employers Look for in Computer Engineers

  • Computer engineers must have in-depth knowledge of microprocessors and circuitry asthese components are what make the foundation of computers.
  • They must also have knowledge about quality assurance and testing as technical engineers meticulously test hardware designs and systems.
  • The knowledge of Digital Signal Processing allows computer engineers to develop systems through which data can be sent wirelessly.
  • A computer engineer should possess knowledge of all the leading operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, iOS, ReactOS, Ubuntu, Unix, and others. This is because a computer engineer has to incorporate hardware with software.

How to Become a Computer Engineer

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