Navigating the Engineering Landscape: Top Engineering Colleges in Kolkata

Kolkata is the cultural capital of India. It is also the educational hub and has become the best place for the top engineering colleges. Choosing the right engineering college can be the most critical and crucial decision in one’s life, and we help you find the top engineering college in Kolkata.


Fondly referred to as IEM by the students and alumni alike, the Institute of Engineering and Management in Kolkata has been the best for the technical management education. Known among the top 100 colleges in India, it is the oldest engineering college in West Bengal. The college has a placement legacy of over 30 years. The best part about their placement lies in the fact that their placement continues till the last student gets the placement.

Heritage Institute of Technology (HIT)

This is an engineering college that has carved a specific niche for itself in the educational sector in Kolkata. In addition to engineering, it also offers two years master course in Applied instrumentation and Instrumentation Technology and Biotechnology streams. The college is known for quality education along with holistic development. The college ranks #107 among the top colleges in India in 2023.

Jadavpur University – Faculty of Engineering and Technology (JU FET)

The college is known for its rich heritage and commitment to academic excellence. It has been regarded as one of the top colleges of engineering in Kolkata. Jadavpur university has been rated as the top 26th among the universities in India.

Techno India University

If you are looking to achieve the best in IT and be a part of IT Hub, the techno University in Kolkata should be the best that you ever go with. The campus is located in one of the strategic locations in Salt Lake City. The college is in close proximity to well-known establishments such as Wipro, Times Now, and IBS. The Techno University offers courses in both technology and humanities.

Brainware University

It has been ranked as one of the top engineering colleges in Kolkata and was established in 2015. One of the biggest campuses, measuring nine acres, it is known for its placement opportunities. It has a record of offering placement for over 80% of its students. It also has a collaboration with huge names in the IT Hub, such as Amazon, Wipro, and Cognizant.

The University  of Engineering and Management

Known widely as UEM among the students in Kolkata, it is a highly distinguished private university in Kolkata. The college is known for the best in class education, technology, and management. The university is ranked among the top 100 in 2020. It has also been rated high as the best management school in 2020.

Well, while that was a formidable list of the top engineering colleges in Kolkata, IEM is indeed the best and has been ranked as the top engineering college by students and academicians alike. It is known for its outstanding capability and efficiency in the field of teaching and R&D in several areas. While almost every college in this list has its own distinction, IEM stands out of the crowd thanks to its focus on quality education.

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