MassKara Festival in Bacolod: Prepare Yourself for 2022

Bacolod is otherwise a sleepy province in the Philippines and is known worldwide for its sugar fields. However, Bacolod City MassKara Festival is an event that everyone across the world looks forward to. And why is it so? This is precisely what we will highlight in this brief write-up.

MassKara Festival – More about the event

Let us know more about the MassKara Festival under the following sub-topics-

  1. Date of the event
  2. MassKara festival schedule
  3. What to expect
  4. Where to get the best views of the festival?
  5. Getting around Bacolod City

1. Date of the MassKara Festival 2022

The festival stretches for over a month, and this year it will begin at 10:00 am October 1st until 10:00 pm October 31st, 2022.

2. MassKara Festival Schedule

One of the main attractions of the MassKara Festival is the dance competition on the streets. The participants wear wild traditional attire and masks and are performed by talented dancers. While this takes place during the daytime, at night when the electric lights shine brightly, the setup is complemented by dancers that wear vibrant, colourful, and neon lights. There are parades with participants wearing elaborate costumes.

Aside from the main dance competition, you can enjoy many other fun-filled activities like concerts, garden shows, sports, and drum competitions. The best is the MassKara Beauty Queen pageant, and you will find people flocking to the venue from across the world.

3. What to expect?

Street parties are the biggest attraction of the MassKara festival aside from the Dance competition. The biggest party is known as the Masskaraland. Partygoers can take part in the parties, and a countdown also begins in the afternoon wherein different coloured powder is thrown up into the air so that the partygoers can be doused with the same.

4. Where to get the best views of the festival?

To reach Bacolod City, you need to board a 50-minute plane ride from Metro Manila. Alternatively, you can avail yourself of an overnight ferry ride from Manila to Bacolod City. You will get to see the highlight of the MassKara Festival Bacolod City event on Sunday, October 24th, 2022 (usually on the 4th Sunday of every October). The Bacolod Public Plaza is the place where the festival is held. But the bigger parties, crazy dancing, drinking, and other activities usually take place on Lacson Street.

5. Getting around Bacolod City

If you want to commute within the Bacolod City to see the many events and enjoy the MassKara Festival Mask activities, you might have to move from one part of the city to another. Avail public transportation facilities that are easy to get. A jeepney is perhaps the most affordable way to go around in the city. Pedicabs and tricycles are the other options as well.

Suppose you cannot do without an air-conditioned vehicle, avail ride-sharing facilities and taxis. The Grab Taxi app is handy, and you can use it as per need.

However, just make sure that you are aware of the route because, for the Masskara Festival, you will find that many routes remain closed, and you might have to take an alternative road or street. So, be sure about that before you start your journey or book a ride.

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