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Program Outcomes

PO1 An ability to apply knowledge of Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Indian Society and Culture and Psychology fundamentals, regulatory frameworks appropriate to the discipline.
PO2 An ability to demonstrate technical competence in business through the study of major disciplines within the fields of business.
PO3 An ability to define, analyze, and devise solutions for structured and unstructured business problems and issues using cohesive and logical reasoning patterns for evaluating information, materials, and data.
PO4 An ability to be able to conceptualize a complex issue into a coherent written statement and oral presentation.
PO5 An ability to demonstrate the fundamentals in creating and managing innovation, new business development, and high-growth potential entities.
PO6 An ability to function effectively individually and with team, covering diverse and multidisciplinary areas to achieve a common goal.
PO7 An ability to conceptualize the basics of research methods and implement the same in the social and empirical contexts.

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