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Message from HOD

During the last 25 years of trendsetting and highly successful journey, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, is metamorphosed into the most trusted creator of innovative and knowledge-seeking engineers. Obviously, it is not only the most sought-after private engineering college for admission in Eastern India but also the richest granary of fresh talents for the industries.
Electrical Engineering department was established in 2013 in order to inculcate the same culture of quality education in the field of core engineering. The department is equipped with highly qualified and dedicated teachers blended with the long experience in industries and academic line.
The pedagogy of education has been designed with emphasis on the followings:

  • Any topic is being taught starting with “why to study?” “What to study?” “Where to apply” and “where to study from?”
  • To understand everything from the very first principle in order to erase any confusion in fundamentals.
  • Theory is supplemented with relevant BIS & ISO specifications for having industrial orientation.
  • Gap analysis of existing syllabus is done in order to bridge the gap to have complete and coherent knowledge.
  • Students are encouraged to investigate into the machines and equipments in practical classes in order to appreciate the electromagnetic phenomena to sharpen the analytical capability.
  • Digital class rooms with relevant photographs and videos to give first hand impression of the subjects.
  • Inter departmental studies and projects to sow the seed of synergy in the young mind. Students are encouraged to pursue their project using the Lab facilities to develop their own technological aspiration from the first year itself.
  • Exposures to the frontier technologies and to the industries directly and through the students’ chapters of professional bodies like IEI, ISHRAE etc.
  • The Electrical Engineering Department leaves no stone unturned to make it a centre of excellence for learning.

    Hence this department is a perfect launching pad for any student to progress and prosper not only in industries but also in further pursuit of knowledge through higher studies and research.

    Prof. Tapas Kumar Datta
    Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering

    Email ID: [email protected]

    Phone No.: +91 9681405997