B.Tech classes for 1st year students will commence from 9th August, 2017 Wednesday.

Prof. (Dr.) A.K.Nayak

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All 3rd year and 4th year students are hereby informed that NPTEL online certification courses are mandatory for them. Students must enroll for the certification course as given below. Last date for enrollment is 24th July 2017. All courses will be starting from 24th July. Course detail is available in the site of NPTEL online courses. There is no registration fee for online courses. For examination and certification students have to pay Rs 1000/- to 1250/- to the NPTEL.
Subject marks will be directly mapped with the marks of NPTEL certification courses.
Enrollment is open at https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/explorer.
For any information contact with SPOC of IEM local chapter (ph: 9830780778).
Students must enroll as a part of IEM local chapter.For Electrical Engineering students:
For 4th year students (Batch 2014):
1. Control Engineering
2. Power System AnalysisFor 3rd year students (Batch 2015) :
1. Programming Data structure and algorithm using Python
2. Networks & Systems

For Electronics and Communication Engineering students:

For 3rd year students
1) Analog Communication
2) Control engineering
For 4th year students
1) Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communications
2) Microwave Integrated Circuits
3) Fundamentals of Database Systems

Computer Science Engineering
3rd Year:
1. Design and analysis of algorithm (registration till 24th july, 2017)
2. Object Oriented Programming (registration till 24th july, 2017)

4th Year:
1. AI: Search methods (registration till 24th july, 2017)
2. Cloud Computing (registration till 21st August, 2017)

For Information Technology students:
For 4th year students (Batch 2014):
1. Introduction to Internet of Things
2. Social Networks
3. Cloud Computing

For 3rd year students (Batch 2015) :
1. Design and Analysis of Algorithm
2. Introduction to Operating Systems

It is hereby informed to the all the students that odd semester B.Tech and M.Tech classes for 2017 commences on 25th July

Prof. (Dr.) A.K.Nayak

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It is hereby informed to the all the students of 1st Year that National Insurance Company Limited offering an Accidental benefit of Rs. 50,000/- per annum against of Rs. 550/- onetime premium in a financial year.
Students are advised to submit the fees to their respective class teachers within 22nd April, 2017.

Prof. (Dr.) Satyajit Chakrabarti
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It is hereby notified to all the students that IEM Music Club is going to start a Guitar Class for the students. Interested students are requested to contact Prof. Biswajit Saha (Mob.- 9748349362) or Souram Guha (Mob.- 8017113201) for details by 8th April, 2017.