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Upcoming events 2018

Month Title of the Event Date Target Audience Point of Contact’s Name and Mobile Number
August Induction Programe 1st MBA 1st Year Prof. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay, 9433552806
August Fresh Face Contest 16th MBA 1st Year Prof. Anuradha Saha, 9874793285
August Motivational Talk / Freshers Welcome 25th ALL 1st Semester Student Prof. Indrani Ganguly, 9831263736
September 100 Rupee Challenge YTA MBA 1st Year Prof. Saptaparna Ghosh, 9231040026
September Stock Mind Challenge by ICICI YTA MBA 1st Year Prof. P K Banerjee, 9830348471
September Lean Canvas 22nd MBA Students intrested in Entrepreneurship Prof. Indraneel Mukhopadhyay, 9433552806
September Dilkhus – Food Festival 29th MBA Students Prof. Saptaparna Ghosh, 9231040026
October Data Analytics using SPSS 6th MBA Student Prof. Sourav Banerjee, 9748376879
October Agomoni 13th ALL Prof. Swati Mukherjee, 9433225002
November Management Development Programme 11th Industry Sponsered Participants Prof. Sujit Dutta, 9830284669
December Management Development Programme 14th – 15th Industry Sponsered Participants Prof. Sujit Dutta, 9830284669
Distinguish Lecture Series Month Date Co-ordinator
Dr Srikant Chatterjee, Massey University, New Zealand Jan,2018 9th Jan 2018 Prof Dr Sujit Dutta
Workshop Month Date Co-ordinator
Data Analytics using SAS Jan,2018 5th-6th Jan 2018 Prof Dr Sujit Dutta
Management Development Programme Month Date Co-ordinator
Emerging Trends in e-Business & e-Retailing Jan,2018 19th-20th Jan 2018 Prof Dr Swati Mukherjee, Prof A K Banerjee
Seminar Month Date Co-ordinator
Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Mar,2018 10th March 2018 Prof. P K Banerjee
Conference Month Date Co-ordinator
Conference in Entrepreneurship Feb,2018 6th Feb – 7TH Feb 2018 Prof P K Misra & Prof P K Banerjee
Bangkock Convention @ Sasin Business School Mar,2018 19th – 24th Mar 2018 Prof Dr S Dutta, Prof P K Banerjee, Prof W Mukherjeee
Competition Month Date Co-ordinator
Stockmind Challenge Feb,2018 10th Feb 2018 Prof P K Banerjee
100 Rupees Challenge Feb,2018 17th Feb 2018 Prof Dr I Mukherjee & Prof S Ghosh
Business Plan Apr,2018 6th-7th Apr 2018 Prof Dr S Pal & Prof P K Ghosh
Academic Tours / Events Month Date Co-ordinator
Industrial Tour (Domestic) Jan,2018 28th Jan – 4th Feb 2018 Prof B Mandal
Management Fest & Alumni Meet Mar,2018 17th – 19th March 2018 Prof S Banerjee & Prof W Mukherjee
Farewell for MBA & PGDM (2016-18 Batch) Apr,2018 21st Apr 2018 Prof Swati Mukherjee