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Workshop on Data Analytics and SAS

Data Science & It’s Career Scope: About Data Science, Various scopes of, Data Science, Demand of Data Science, Basic of SAS (Workshop)


Instructors’ Profile


Arnab Majumdar, Sr. Data Scientist in Ideal Analytics

In-house Faculty/Consultant (SAS, Python)


Arnab Majumdar, Data Scientist Consultant, is a physicist, researcher and educator. He completed his Integrated M.Sc. in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur before moving to Boston, USA, where he did his Ph.D. and post-doctoral work at Boston University. During his seventeen years in academic research, primarily in the domain of statistical physics, Econophysics and Biomedical engineering, he has published over forty research papers in international peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Physical Review Letters and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.


Anindya Kundu, Sr. Data Scientist in Ideal Analytics

In-house Faculty/Consultant (SAS, Python, R)


Anindya Kundu is into qualitative and quantitative analytics consultancy for more than half a decade. He has been involved in both analytics as a service and analytics product development projects. Anindya is a data obsessed person who loves generating insights from large quantities of data – clean, process, harness data to get hidden truth. He uses his SAS/R/SPSS/Python tool implementation capability to analyze data, and also perform automation. He is involved in analytics innovation, specializing in product development for population health management, health economics, insurance and mortgage, healthcare analytics and transportation – supply chain management. He was also extensively involved in functional development of CRM (Customer retention module) application tool for a Fortune’s Best 100 Companies. He has received his post graduate certification from IIM Ranchi.


Tania Chakraborty, Data Analyst in Novel Research & Development India Pvt Ltd

In-house Faculty (R & SAS)


Tania, with a background in engineering, have 3+ years of hands on working experience on various Analytics tools, mainly SAS & R. She played a major role in the student data analysis of two entire countries, Dominica & St. Kitts, on a popular student management software “openSIS”. Other than that she has worked on various other data analysis projects like, Data Analysis on US Economic Indices, Twitter Sentimental Analysis, GDP rates etc. Simultaneously with project work, she provides training on Big Data analytics using Hadoop and R, Base SAS & Advanced SAS. She has already educated over hundred high profile MNC professionals on Data Analytics. She is the most junior but most appreciated faculty of our team.


Debajyoti Chakraborty, Sr. Data Analyst in Novel Research & Development India Pvt Ltd

In-house Faculty (R & SAS)


Debajyoti, a Statistical Analyst, Member of Actuarial Society of India, Analytics Trainer on Statistical Softwares – SAS,R,Ms Excel with basic query language knowledge on SQL. Graduate in Statistics with

Math and Computer Science as other subjects. Having over 3yrs of work experience as Data Analyst. In Statistical Analyst role he has worked on multiple industry projects including dashboarding and analytics implementation for Retail and Healthcare projects. Also, as an Actuarial Analyst he assisted in Claim Analytics. As an Analytics Trainer, he is providing Analytics training to Industry Professionals and Academic Students on Statistical Software packages – SAS, R, MS Excel (Beginner to Advance) and SPSS, and overseeing Data Analysis projects undertaken by students and knowledge sharing for successful completion of projects on time.

Distinguished Lecture Session 1: The Evolving Patterns of Global Economic Activity: An Analytical Overview by Dr. Srikanta Chatterjee, Emeritus Professor, Massey University, New Zealand

A Brief Profile

A Bengali from the district of Hooghly in West Bengal by birth, Professor Srikanta Chatterjee is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Economics and Finance of Massey University in New Zealand. A Ph. D. from the London School of Economics, Professor Chatterjee has lived and worked in Australia, India, Japan, Fiji and the U.K. and held visiting positions in a number of other countries, most recently in China, Japan and Germany. He has been awarded the Fulbright Travelling Fellowship, twice, to attend conferences and visit and speak at universities in the USA. His areas of academic specialisation are international trade and finance, taxation, income distribution and inequality, the NZ economy and the comparative performance of the Indian and Chinese economies. Now, in his retirement, Professor Chatterjee has been able to return to his “first love”, Bengali history, literature and culture. He has been reading widely in these areas and writing, as an amateur, essays on subjects including the lives and works of eminent Bengalis. His essays have included Rabindranath Tagore, Najrul Islam, Ashutosh Mukherjee, Dwijendralal Roy, Swami Vivekananda and Sri Chaitanya. He is currently working on the life and works of the Bengali polymath Acharya Brajendranath Seal.In 2016, several Japanese universities celebrated the centenary of Rabindranath’s first visit to japan. As part of these celebrations, Professor Chatterjee was invited to speak at Sophia University and Tokyo University in Japan. He spoke on Tagore’s thinking and practice in the areas of education and rural reconstruction and how he was influenced by Japan in these areas.