TATA MOTORS , Pune visit

We reached the TATA MOTORS, Pune unit at 9:30 AM, on 31st January, 2018 where we had a warm welcome from the employees of the company.

Then students were given a short presentation about the Tata Group of companies, the history of the Tata Group, Tata Motors and pioneering work done by the company in the field of automobiles and locomotives. Then the speaker informed us about the Pune campus which is spread over 1200 Acres.

The Tata Motors coordinators guided the students to various workshop and assembly centers and provided the information about the same. The various parts of the plant that we visited included:

  1. Training and Apprenticeship Centre
  2. Dye Workshop
  3. Gear Factory
  4. Assembly of  heavy vehicles
  5. Manufacturing of Commercial vehicles
  6. Car Plant
  7. Painting section
  8. Testing of  vehicles
  9. Hexa Assembly
  10. Research and Development department
  11. Fully Robotized plant

While visiting the departments we were explained about the various activities taking place in the particular departments.   And step by step manufacturing of vehicle was explained. Apart from manufacturing cars and trucks, various military vehicles are also manufactured. Everyday 1400 vehicles are dispatched from the plant.

Then we were taken to the house where Mr. Ratan Tata stays when he visits the plant. After which we were taken back to the seminar hall where they spoke about the research and developments made by the company in recent time and also gave a brief idea about new technologies they are testing. After which a small question-answer session was conducted.

We also saw  the artificial lake made from waste waters. We saw how waste water can be recycled and an artificial lake can be made eco friendly. We saw various species of birds, which came from various parts of the world including Siberia, Africa and Man Sarovar.

The hospitality throughout the visit was great. The Environment, Safety and Health standards are well maintained in the whole plant. Overall, it was a great learning experience for us and visit was extremely informative.